Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Cancer Birthday

It doesn't seem possible that it has been two years since Michael's initial cancer diagnosis.  On one hand, it seems like so long ago; on the other, the memories of that day are so fresh that it could have happened yesterday.
Seeing Michael's puzzled face and feeling my heart sink when our pediatrician got the blood test results and asked me to step out of the exam room with her . . .  Quickly packing bags for the other four children and trying to calm them while we all faced the unknown . . . Racing to Children's Hospital . . . Hearing those horrible words:  "Your son has cancer." . . . Trying to comfort family and friends while we shared with them Michael's news . . . Today we can replay each vivid scene and experience again every raw emotion; they seem to be frozen clearly in our minds.
The wonderful blessing is that while in the whirlwind of all the cancer-diagnosis chaos, we knew without a doubt that Michael was created, loved, and sustained each day by the GOD of the universe!  It was God's plan for Michael to begin his fight with cancer, and while we did not know the outcome, God did and would walk with us down our path.  He provided strength, hope, courage, comfort, love and kindness from so many of you, and healing to this point for Michael.  Our hearts are full every day, but especially on milestone days like this one.

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  1. Fall of 2012 I heard of Michael's cancer diagnosis through a speaker (Michael's Grandfather?) at our church. He shared Michael's story with us. I obtained Michael's fine tract and enclosed them in my Christmas mailings. Now I am working up this year's Christmas Letter and would like to include a note re: Michael's medical progress.

    If you would email me current information I would be happy to include it in my letter. I believe many friends have been praying for Michael.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Shirley G. Williams